Empathic coaching

“Emotions cloud our inner wisdom voice and preclude our ability to take an enlightened decision. Advice from the exterior can help us to have a clear vision of the situation.”

We all know those moments in our lives when we feel unable either to take a decision or to find a way to accomplish the ambitions we have set ourselves. Yet, all the solutions can be in ourselves, because at a certain level, all obstacles are created by us. What prevents us from finding these solutions are our emotions, preconceptions and judgments that we overlay to the situations and events.

Asking advice allows to cast light to our perspective, to find the clarity we have lost. But we have to be cautious to whom we ask advice. Relatives, friends, colleagues can turn out to be bad advisers because they can be facing the same difficulty or more often because they are no more able to see us with a new and fresh look and project a lot of judgments and emotions upon us, even though their first intention was praiseworthy.

It is there that the empathic coaching can help you.

The empathic coaching

Empathy is this openness, this profound listening free of judgments that allows to open a dialog with the other and with ourselves with kindness and with no expectation to find a solution.

The empathic coaching proposed by Ekwanim Management is based on the capacity I have developed, with NonViolent Communication and my long experience of meditation, to a non-leading listening, with kindness and openness.

I wish to help you orienting your own reflection from that listening and on the basis my own profound questioning experience that philosophy and oriental spirituality has opened me to.

The empathic coaching does help you neither to find solutions to your problems, nor to solve your relationship issues with others, but helps you to step back and directs your own reflection in order that you find in yourself the answers and resources.


How does it happen?

After a first one-hour-and-a-half meeting in order to define together the type of dialog we will have, the empathic coaching at Ekwanim Management is a programme of 10 one-hour-and-a-half meetings on eight weeks, with the option of a less frequent follow-up for one year.

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