Happiness at work

Ill-being in the workplace, a widely underestimated problem…

Some actual telling figures:

  • 1 employee out of 5 declares being near a burn-out,
  • Ill-being generates 50 to 60% of absenteeism at work in Europe,
  • 13.6% of the population considers his work stressful,
  • 83% of the employees declare being pessimistic,
  • Stress and breakdown have generated a 13.5 million workdays loss in the United Kingdom in 2008, which represents a €2,500 loss per year and per employee…

Not only a question of stress…

At Ekwanim Management, we are convinced that this is not only a question of stress management. The overall pessimism and the presenteeism as well as the bore-out syndromes prove that it is actually a much more global problem. Companies must take into account the happiness at work notion.

Restore the meaning of life, engagement, regain freedom and the taste of undertaking projects et sharing are fundamental as well.

Mindfulness: a treasured and concrete help

For more than a decade, scientific studies have proven the benefits of mindfulness. Numerous companies have tried it and adopted it: Google, Intel, Sodexo, MAIF, etc.

But mindfulness at Ekwanim Management, is not only a stress reduction technique or programme. We propose an integrated, bespoke programme with three objectives :

  • Stress reduction,
  • Creativity development,
  • Empathy enhancement.

The “Mindfulness & Management” programme is:

  • + Profound: with a skilled and experienced teacher,
  • + Progressive: with a simple, easy programme and a bespoke follow-up,
  • + Simple: because based on direct experience,
  • + Fitting: thanks to its great set-up flexibility.