Humanistic Leadership

Be the change you want to see in the world.”

– Gandhi

What type of leadership can tackle the unprecedented challenges of our time?

Leadership humaniste mandala en

In times of unprecedented social and environmental changes, many hunger for a new leadership marked by consciousness and the capacity to catalyse and to influence the larger systemic changes that have now become necessary.

It is time to go beyond the current individualistic leadership model and to develop an integral leadership model.

At Ekwanim Management, we believe that a new field of investigation is made possible by the meeting of mindfulness, management and the principles of ancient oriental wisdom.

An integral vision of the modern leader’s role

We have developed a contemplative and transformative program for highhearted, engaged and humanistic leaders, backed with a bespoke, personal and concrete coaching.

This program is built on 4 progressive modules:

Module 1: Fundations

Mindfulness & Management

Module 2: Interpersonal Perspective

Empathy and dialog as a base for an efficient management

Module 3: Integral leadership training

Transform yourself to change the world

Module 4: Transformational perspective

Align personal transformation and business perspectives

Module 1: Mindfulness & Management

Module 1 corresponds to the mindfulness training adapted to the workplace and presented in the section Happiness at work.

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Module 2: Interpersonal perspective

Based on the mindfulness techniques acquired that we continue to practice regularly, we will try to open ourselves to empathy, deep listening and dialogue, in 5 transformative steps:

  1. Become aware of your own internal theater
  2. Learn to understand your own emotions and those of others
  3. Enhance your capacity to recognise and diagnose behaviours
  4. Discover techniques to regulate emotions
  5. Learn to communicate from the heart

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Module 3: Integral leadership training

Once we are trained to relax, to be patient, to listen, to dialog and to be empathic, and continuing to practice mindfulness regularly, we will progressively learn to transform our emotions into creation potentials and to develop a profound and genuine letting-go.

The ancient Buddhist wisdom teaches us that there is no situation, nor emotion that are inherently negative. The difficulty and the suffering comes from our resistance. By learning how to live the challenges and obstacles of life with relaxation, we can find the pristine wisdom hidden by our own difficulties. So, progessively, we we learn, in five steps:

  1. From domination to dialog
  2. From pride to generosity
  3. From seduction to empathy
  4. From jealousy to activity
  5. From self-deception to wisdom

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Module 4: Transformational perspective

Having assimilated and having been trained to become an integral leader, and continuing to practice mindfulness on a daily basis, we are going to progressively support and help you to implement in your daily operations what you have learnt and understood, with a personal coaching.

Together, we will adapt what you have learnt in 4 steps :

  1. Assessment of the new acquired perspectives
  2. Diagnosis of the business and management needs
  3. Creation of an unified and integrated change management process
  4. Support in its implementation

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