Peace economics

Change the paradigms of economics

When I was a student, a lot of my courses in economics were referring to competition, market conquest but beyond even to the principles of economical warfare or marketing guerilla. This partial and very oriented vision of the economical science have always alarmed me and I remain convinced the economy is not limited to a balance of power or to the simple expression and extension of the meanest human instincts. Cooperation, mutual aid, gift and ethics also are essential often excluded economical factors.

For several years now, as an economist and now a spiritual teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, I’ve tried to develop actions and initiatives on ecological, economical and spiritual subjects. In the wake of what has been done to build a bridge between ecology and spirituality, I try to operate an apparently antinomic reconciliation, between business and wisdom, with the aim to envision a more spiritual economy, thanks to both fundamental reflections on the economical functioning at a global level, and an highlight of alternatives that proved their legitimacy and efficiency, in the direction of the pursuit of genuine happiness and self-fulfillment by moderation, self-satisfaction and interiority.

This is how I have initiated in 2011 the “Economy & Spirituality” forum that took place at Karma Ling Institute, sponsored by Edgar Morin, Pierre Rabhi, cheikh Khaled Bentounès and Denys Rinpoche.

Ekwanim Management's reason for being

In 2015, I have started Ekwanim Management whose mission is to promote the principles of peace economics, as opposed to economical warfare supplying so many disorders and disasters. It is a vision that puts back interdependence at the heart of economics, rethinking the place of humans, environment and money. This vision unites the principles of economical ethics, the virtues of cooperation by rethinking the power modes inside the business and of circular economics that envisions the whole interdependence that links all the economical, social and environmental actors.

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Lectures and debates

I lecture or participate in debates during public conferences, company seminars or professional symposiums about these subjects and in order to bring an innovative and wise vision on what could by humanistic and peace economics.


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