Ekwanim Management

We believe that a new field of investigation is made possible by the meeting of mindfulness, management and the principles of ancient oriental wisdom.

It is Ekwanim Management’s reason for being.

Bring out, by concrete practices, a new paradigm where the respect of Man, his culture and the environment become the core of economics, by reinventing the sense of work and the leadership.

All sentient beings look for happiness and accomplishment of what is just and has meaning to them. But we can see that, in practice, this aspiration is very unsuccessful, especially in the economic and professional fields.

Whereas the aim of economics is clearly declared to be the pursuit of happiness and the development of well-being, we notice that in practice the current economical system is a clear supplier of disharmony: economical and ecological crisis, social and cultural crisis, ill-being in the work place, lack of meaning and ethics, etc.

Therefore, the problem is not the aim of economics or business, but the means employed: “the end does not justifies the means but the means breed the end” tell us the philosophical and spiritual ancient traditions.

At EKWANIM Management, we are convinced that a humanistic and ecological better society can emerge from the even core of the economic world and in particular in those key actors: businesses and companies.

For centuries, businesses have been an extraordinary repository of creativity, enthousiasm and progress. It is therefore necessary to correctly guide those extraordinary forces and energies towards the pristine aims of every human adventure : happiness, harmony and meaning.

At EKWANIM Management, We are not proposing an umpteenth conceptual reflection on those matters, but concrete practices and methods to allow men, women and organisations to make this transition. We do it by developing happiness at work, humanistic leadership at all levels and a global vision of the organisations that aims, here and now, peace economics.

Our values

Our values are the principles guiding us in our decisions and actions. They are guiding our relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees and partners.


Ekwanim Management combines professionalism and humility.

Quality imperative

Ekwanim Management commits to help its clients to acheive their objectives.


Ekwanim Management develops honnest, transparent and well-balanced business relationships. 


Ekwanim Management respects people and their privacy, the environnement and ethical rules.