Eric Le Gal

Eric Le Gal


Professional background

A solid professional background

I graduated from EDC Paris Business School in 2001, and for the 10 first years of my professional life, I have been recognized as an expert in finance and marketing. I acheived a lot of challenges between Paris, Geneva and the United States. Since that period, I realised that I was not living with serenity and plenitude and I wished to rethink the place of the human being in the western society.

Naro Ling

Give meaning to my own life

After several trips to India, Nepal and Bhutan, I became student of Denys Rinpoche and Chögyal Namkhaï Norbu and I regularly followed their teachings. In 2009, I have decided to settle at Karma Ling Institute in the French Alps, to study and practice Buddhism whilst volunteering several missions for the community.

From 2011 to 2014, I acheived the traditional three-year meditative retreat of the Shangpa Kagyü lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, under Denys Rinpoche’s guidance.

Eric Le Gal

An experienced mindfulness teacher

Become Lama of the Shangpa lineage, and member of the Open Mindfulness Compassion network, I teach mindfulness in a lay context emphasizing on the recognition of heart and spirit openness as an ordinary natural state.

My profound knowledge of the buddhist philosophy and my extensive meditative practice in retreat nourish the quality, the clarity and precision of what I transmit.

A new challenge: happiness at work, humanistic organisations and peace economics

In parallel, I am trained in NonViolent Communication and I prepare INSEAD’s Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change.

In 2015, I launched Ekwanim Management, a consulting and coaching firm which aim is to promote happiness at work, create humanistic and emptahic leaders and develop the idea of peace economics.

The path is the goal...

I consider myself as a beginner still walking the path. My research on those subjects are continuously in progress and grow from multiple exchanges over time.

This path is paved with daily reflection, study and meditation times as well as meditative practice in retreat a part of the year. These spiritual practices are the heart of my engagement and of my personal and professional approach.


  • INSEAD’s Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change
  • EDC Paris Business school graduate
  • Profound knowledge and practice of NonViolent Communication
  • Experienced mindfulness teacher
  • Lama in the Shangpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Buddhist pilosophy lecturer
  • 8 years of daily meditative and yoga practices of whom 20,000 hours in retreat.

Professional experience

  • 12-year managing experience: in finance and marketing
  • In start ups and greater American multinational companies
  • With multicultural teams
  • CEO of an international  Buddhist community.

Spoken languages

Work languages : French, English, Spanish

Tibetan translator (deepening in progress)

Social networks